Slovenská verzia English version This project is cofinanced by the EU finance programme, Norway Grants and from the Slovak Republic budget. EEA Grants Norway Grants Úrad vlády SR

Project activities

Activity 1: Insulating the three facilities, including insulation of roofs, exterior walls and exchanging windows and doors.
The activity includes insulating buildings at the three social services facilities, including insulation of roofs, exterior walls and exchanging the padding of constructed openings (windows and doors). This involves nine buildings. A thermal system will be used for insulation.

The activity also includes boiler room reconstruction before the new heating sources are put into place, hydraulic regulation of heating distributors and professional building supervision during construction work.

Activity 2: Installing power systems at these three facilities based on renewable energy sources
The activity includes exchanging heating sources at the three social services facilities, i.e. installing new biomass combustion heating systems that utilize renewable energy sources – wood mass.

The activity also includes installing equipment for cleaning service water at the “Jeseň života” social services facility, in the Domadice operation.

Activity 3: Training service staff
The activity includes training service staff in order to handle new types of boilers and become licensed by the heating system manufacturer to do such service. Added value will also be the guarantee of training in the area of renewable energy sources, with emphasis on the utilization of biomass for energy purposes. Part of the activity will be the purchase of technical literature and training materials for the course.

Activity 4: Managing and publicizing the project
Project management is part of the individual investment project’s implementation. The project includes management, administration, communication, monitoring and assessment. The project will be managed by the Horné Požitavie Regional Development Agency in cooperation with the Strategic Activities Department at the Office of the Nitra Self-governing Region and an internal project team.

The goal of publicity is not only to communicate implementation of the project itself, but also to have an information campaign in order to broaden awareness of renewable energy source issues and possibilities among the general public and to share experiences at a technical conference.

For this reason, it is necessary to produce a graphic identity and a communications strategy for the project to be developed just for the needs of the information campaign.