Slovenská verzia English version This project is cofinanced by the EU finance programme, Norway Grants and from the Slovak Republic budget. EEA Grants Norway Grants Úrad vlády SR


The signing of a Nonrefundable Financial Contribution Agreement on 28 July 2009 marked the launch of an individual investment project called:

Energy assessment of selected facilities operated by the Nitra Self-governing Region

A nonrefundable financial contribution (NFC) provided to the NSR from the EEA Financial Mechanism, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Slovak Republic National Budget constitutes 100% of authorized project expenditures.

The project aims to eliminate the use of fossil fuels at three social services facilities operated by the Nitra Self-governing Region (NSR): the Ipeľ SSF in the village of Leľa; the Platan SSF in the village of Lontov; and the (Autumn of Life) SSF in the village of Domadice. Total authorized costs for completing individual activities are 809,737.00 EUR.

In accordance with recommendations from an audit and feasibility study, the project calls for the roofs and external walls of individual buildings to be insulated and constructed openings (windows and exterior doors) to be padded. Boiler rooms will be modified to the necessary extent to change over to biomass combustion heating. Once a new energy plant is put into place, the heating system will be hydraulically regulated and thermal control valves will be installed on radiators. While the project is being implemented, technical staff will be trained and become capable of operating a biomass-burning energy plant.

The project’s added value will be training in renewable energy sources, emphasizing the utilization of biomass for energy purposes. A deliverable from the training course will be plant technical staff skilled to serve as RES consultants in the region. The project is scheduled to last eight months and addresses comprehensive fuel management at the affected facilities and changeover to renewable energy sources. It includes exchanging heating systems and modifying boiler rooms, including the preparation of biomass storage areas, as well as training qualified staff to service them.

Nitriansky samosprávny kraj

The recipient of this nonrefundable financial contribution is
Nitra Self-governing Region

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